Transformation Courses

Set yourself apart to
“Make a Difference”

Jill Lowe international will continue to develop every client’s natural strengths, assets and talents and drive each person’s ultimate potential to reap maximum returns that are invaluable, significant and long-lasting.

Signature Personal Transformation

Set yourself apart and impress with your very own signature presence to promote positive interactions and relationship building. Embark on this journey to understand your unique talents that can maximise potentials from within!

Workforce Executive Transformation

In the current diverse society, corporations deal with real people handling real life with true human needs. It has to be addressed both at the personal and the corporate levels.

Enhancing and empowering your people with human relationship skills that can meet global business expectations is an essential and invaluable asset to every division of any corporation. Jill Lowe International brings you 30 years of true evidence in building corporations and its people with ultimate returns and joy of training.

Jill Lowe


Jill Lowe is an inspirational entrepreneur and businesswoman who has over 30 years of experience working in the image consultancy industry. In 1985, Lowe founded Jill Lowe International, a Singapore-based brand and image company.