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Talent Transformation

Our full comprehensive Signature Transformation package specially curated to equip you with the complexed skills of mastering the intricacies of how appearance, behavioural pattern and speaking styles can drastically effects person’s performance in business and personal pleasure circumstances.

Workforce Executive Transformation

How your employees freely dress and behave within and out of business context have a direct as well as an indirect impact on the way businesses are conducted creatively.

Knowing how to inspire your people to relate positively with others can strengthen ties to forge closer business partnerships in a complex inter cultural platform to build stable economic progress towards a successful organisation.

Signature Personal Transformation

Experience and enjoy the true evidence of men and women who have benefited from Jill Lowe Talent Transformation Programmes. This signature presence takes you to discover your eight perspectives of transformation that will leave a positive experience for anyone who has encountered your presence.

Jill Lowe Academy

Jill Lowe Academy is an international-based image consulting advisory with over three decades of established success. The Academy trains cross-culturally from the East to the West, towards certifications from 3 of the most established and experienced authorities in the image industry. Jill Lowe Academy Training Centre is located next to the iconic Raffles Hotel, the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The Jill Lowe team of trainers have innovated and produced a complete and comprehensive range of image consultant industry tools and supplies to build successful and flourishing consulting businesses.

Certifications Courses

Enhance and value add beyond academic capabilities by learning the techniques to excel with a finishing touch. Choose from a variety of certifications that can add on to your professional portfolio.

  • Certificate in Colour Consulting
  • Certificate in Style Consulting
  • Certificate in Men Consulting
  • Certificate in Make-up Artistry

Completion of the any 2 certificates will be awarded a diploma in Image Consultant.

Diploma Courses

Our diploma programmes aim to engage aspiring consultants who believe in our cause of transforming individuals and corporations as a whole by upgrading their overall image. Acquire technical professional skills needed to be a practitioner in the image and aesthetics industry.

  • Diploma in Image Consulting
  • Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  • Diploma in Business Etiquette Consulting

Completion of the any 2 diplomas will lead to Masters in Image Consultancy

Masters in Image Consulting

Be trained and certified with UK accredited Masters in Image Consulting, and embark on a journey of boundless excitement in positively influencing lives.

This is the epitome of Image Consulting Certification which accumulates evidence of portfolio as Image Consultants in the industry for two years or more. Be tested to qualify for the master level professional certification by Jill Lowe Academy and the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI), accredited by City & Guild, London, United Kingdom.