Diploma in Business Etiquette Consulting

The intricacies of successful relationships are highly dependable on people’s emotional elements, even above their competencies and strategic thinking performances. With the ever progressive human career mobility across diverse countries and cultures, there is a greater need to understand and comprehend the complexities of behavioural management. Such capabilities, when well mastered, will successfully meet expectations, resulting in bonded and trustworthy relationships that is meaningful, effectively, and lasting.

In this diploma programme, you will acquire the western to eastern cultural and behavioural practices that are unique in communication styles. This is especially valuable for managing business and social protocols that will elevate each candidate’s portfolio and status through their entertainment and negotiation skills. Participants will also master the highly effective skills in teaching others how to manage body language, conversational creativity through vocal and verbal liberation, to connect both and localised and internationalised arenas. Each learner is expected to conduct practical public speaking as well as dining experience practicum.


Who will benefit?

Those who aspire to be image consultants, make-up artists, beauty retailers, hair stylists, corporate trainers, as well as those who want to launch a part time or full time professional career in Image Consultancy.

Programme Details

Training Fees:

  • Certificate in Colour Consulting for Women
  • Certificate in Style Consulting for Women
  • Certificate in Makeup Artistry

Please enquire for registration +65 9825 1833 or online.


Module 1: Communication Styles

  • The importance of etiquette and dynamic communicating styles
  • The communication cycle of visual, vocal, and verbal synchronisation
  • How to manage public speaking effectively
  • The systematic techniques to overcome fear and connect to your audience instantly
  • To be an effective and eloquent speaker to conduct successful trainings
  • The complete and comprehensive body language communication strategy
  • Understanding of expressions, gestures, and postures as effective communication tools
  • The unique learning styles of your learners
  • The ways to teach social skills effectively

Module 2: Social Styles

  • The western and eastern dining and entertaining etiquette
  • The social protocol from handling of all dining silverware to the handling of chopsticks
  • The protocol to manage beverages and gourmet for business, social, and personal events

Module 3: Personal Brand Identity

  • Create a personal brand of your own
  • Define business brand image
  • Design brochure and marketing tools
  • Build business flow charts
  • Identify target markets to build successful image business
  • Craft business plans to kick start a promising brand

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