Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Nutrition, hygiene, and skin care – these are the basic heartbeats for lasting aesthetics and beauty. Be a professional aesthetician and therapist in cosmetics and skin treatments by completing the Diploma in Beauty Therapy Course.

This course teaches you all the fundamentals to market yourself as a professional aesthetician, provide effective consultations, skin analysis and treatments for skin disorders. You will also acquire the skills to conduct workshops and be tested on related aesthetic facts and theories. The training is highly interactive with many practical sessions on volunteers and live models.

You will acquire the knowledge needed to conduct a professional skin analysis treatment advisory and conduct skin care workshops. Participants will learn and be tested on related aesthetic facts and theories as well as to perform live practicum with volunteers, conducting live consultations during the training.


Who will benefit?

Those who aspire to be beauty retailers, aestheticians, salon owners as well as those who want to launch a part time or full time professional career in the beauty market.

Programme Details

20 lessons, 3 hours per session

Training Fees:
$3,000 per person

You will receive the following professional endorsements:

  • Jill Lowe Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  • Colour Me Beautiful Skin Care Advisory
  • Jill Lowe Skin Care Manual for Practitioners

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Course Outline

Industry immersion beauty therapy training
Beauty therapy undergraduates will learn the theory and practical industry professional immersion compliances. Learners will acquire direct industry immersion experience prior to graduation.

Relevant anatomy and physiology
Learn about the structure of the facial bones, muscles, as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Relative applications to the indications and contra-indications of these areas.

Skin diagnosis, treating problematic skin
Identifying client’s skin type and conditions, and the corresponding appropriate treatment required. Application of appropriate solutions for each recommended treatment.

Learn the skin desquamation therapy. Understand the abrasive and non-invasive skin treatments.

Massage therapy for face and shoulders
Know contra-indications to face and shoulder physiotherapy. Learn how to perform a therapeutic face, neck, and shoulder massage.

Aftercare, cleansing, toning and moisturising
Learn the content and formulation of a variety of products. Know how to provide professional advice to clients with regards to home care therapy.

Salon operation and management techniques
Learn the strategy and techniques of operating of salon. Understand the processes and procedures of managing a salon.

Health and safety standards for the beauty industry
Professional workplace practice of health and hygiene for beauty therapists. Understanding the health authority compliance and related execution.

Structure and skin disorder
Understand skin structure and identify required treatment. Establish and explain the factors involved in different skin conditions.

Contra-indications to treatment
Learn about indications to skin diseases and disorders. Application on relevant contra-indications to skin problem treatments.

Face masks: setting and non-setting
Learn how to identify mask therapy treatments. Acquire the skills to perform an appropriate facial mask therapy.

Products and equipment required
Learn the relevant equipment needed to perform facials. Application of contra-indications before appropriate treatment.

Consultation procedures
Appropriate conversational techniques for consultation and retail advisory. The effective communication techniques to conduct successful sales.

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