Certificate in Colour Consulting

Whether one likes it or not, whether it’s ignorance or intention, the colours of one’s dressing will ultimately have a physical and psychological impact on others. Mastering the concepts of colour application dynamics is the key to a successful image consultancy advisory.

In this course, you will learn all the fundamentals to market your skills and services as a professional Colour Consultant. After attending this course, you will be able to offer your clients detailed colour analysis, conduct workshops, and be a makeup colour advisory.

Train yourself to be the most accurate colour analysis expert. Acquire your expertise from the key and most experienced colour consulting academy to build a promising career. This interactive workshop allows trainees to experience and learn a variety of training methods and techniques to acquire the knowledge to conduct a professional, successful, and exciting colour analysis session. Participants will also get to perform live tests on models during the colour and makeup consultations.


Who will benefit?

This course is open to new consultants, career coaches, personal shoppers, corporate trainers, fashion graphic artists, fashion retailers as well as those who want to launch a part time or full time professional career in image consultancy.

You will receive the following professional endorsements:

  • Jill Lowe Colour Manual for Practitioners.
  • Jill Lowe Certificate in Colour Consulting.
  • Opportunity to Sign Up for Federation of Image Professional, International Accreditation, UK


  • Nil

Programme Details

5 Days (9am-6pm)

Training Fees: $5,000 SGD

Please enquire for registration +65 9825 1833 or online.


By the end of the course, you will be able to


Establish and explain the factors involved in presenting a well-dressed individual


Understand the psychology of colours and its applications


Recognise the dominant characteristics for each client and her colour type


Understand how to analyse the second and third colour characteristics


Drape efficiently, explaining to the client how to wear her colours


Understand your own personal colouring and how to dress yourself in the right colours to have maximum impact as a colour consultant


Help the client work with classic and annual seasonal fashion colour trend


Describe the concepts of colour dynamics and the Munsell Colour Theory


Know the process of conducting a colour and makeup consultation


Know how to conduct proper and accurate colour tests for clients


Choosing appropriate makeup colours with confidence for women


Know how to manage colour consulting advisory for Asian to Western cultural dressing


Explain the application of the colour swatch to her wardrobe planning


Conduct professional colour analysis workshops and presentations

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