Executive Transformation

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Our Business Signature Transformation Package is a set of carefully designed workshops that can become an effective part of your human capital development program and help you go a long way towards achieving your organization’s profit and brand recognition goals.

The customer is king, but it all starts with your employees. How they dress and behave within the business context as well as out of it has a huge impact on the way your businesses are conducted. When your people, from top executives to junior staff, are all inspired to relate positively with others, business partnerships across cultural platforms can be forged and strengthened for greater organizational success.

Corporate Training

Corporate Events & Talks

Introduce your staff to the fascinating game of image mastery and let them discover how their simple personal branding can contribute tremendously to the company’s overall corporate branding and productivity. Choose from our wide range of image impact topics for your special corporate events or lunch time talks. A 2 to 3 hours customized programme can be arranged for an unlimited size audience. Drop us an enquiry to find out more.

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Your Walking Brand - Grooming Uniformed Staffs

The uniformed staff is the company’s walking brand. Their appearance, their mannerisms, their motivation and the way they wear their uniform can have a direct bearing on the business brand image. Our powerful “Walking Brand” program is a one to two days workshop that is carefully designed and fun-packed to inject life into your uniform staff and to instill in them the treasured brand loyalty and drive necessary to propel teamwork, harmony, productivity and ultimately profits and customer growth.

Learning Accomplishments:
  • Understanding the importance of corporate branding
  • Creating the personal drive through personal branding
  • Developing the corporate uniform head to toe criteria
  • Hair styles for the uniformed professionals.
  • Incorporating personal hygiene & skin care for healthy lifestyles
  • Hands-on make up skills for the ladies
  • Building standards on body language, etiquette service decorum
  • Exercising service quality and customer confidence
Duration: 1 to 2 Day(s)
Target Audience: Uniformed Staff

Average 20 pax

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Executive Development Program

This is a 3-day workshop for senior executives and senior managers in positions of leadership, power and company directions.

Executive Training

The art of true leadership is really about the ability to connect, motivate and influence internal staff to drive up the organizational productivity. It is also about the ability to impress customers and stakeholders, build trust to sustain a great and long-term goodwill relationship with them, thereby maximizing tangible and intangible profits for the organization.

This course expands the interpersonal radar of your aspiring global leadership talents so that they can bring their team along and soar beyond excellence for your company

The course can also be customized to meet every organizational need in terms of content, contextualization, class size and workshop duration.

Day 1
Appearance Action for Executives

“Look Good, Feel Good” – that’s how professional dressing can impact a person’s drive and productivity; it’s the starting point for the leader to build teams and forge great customer relationships; why? – Because it’s easy and instant!

Learning Accomplishments:
  • Understanding various cultural and diplomatic dress criteria.
  • Differentiating social and business dressing standards.
  • Developing creative dressing with colour & styles concepts.
  • Discovering and building personal appearance assets.
  • Managing dress norms and other expectations.
  • Creating the mind to handle the clothes.
  • Personal analysis by expert certified trainers
Day 2 (morning)
The Influential Communicator – Visual

The leadership presence is intensely related to signature body talk that is unique to each person. The way one stands, sits, moves and gesticulates can immediately create a certain lasting impression in people and mastery of the right moves is an added art for every leader.

Learning Accomplishments:
  • Read and understand the silent signals people send all the time.
  • Develop the right moves in posture, footwork and gestures.
  • Making use of the face – creative facial expressions.
  • Creating the charisma by synchronizing the body to the words.
  • Understanding the gender perspective in body language.
  • Personal analysis by expert certified trainers.
Day 2 (afternoon)
The Influential Communicator – Voice

The moment a person begins to speak, a lot will be revealed about the person through the tone of voice and the manner of speech. Is there a difference in one’s voice when one is speaking to a superior, a junior or a customer? Yes, in the rhythm, the speed, the tone, the pitch; so how does one untie the hitch?

Learning Accomplishments:
  • Understanding the power of voice.
  • Developing the vocal gears in tone pitch rhythm and speed.
  • Making use of the face and body for voice control.
  • Creating the charisma by adding music to words.
  • Personal analysis by expert certified trainers.
Day 3 (morning)
The Influential Communicator – Verbal intelligence

Verbal intelligence is knowing when to speak, what to say and how to deliver the words and the intent convincingly in the right context and tone, to persuade people to one’s point of view; but sometimes rapport building and understanding other viewpoints takes precedence.

Learning Accomplishments:
  • Identifying differences in communication styles.
  • Discovering personal speaking assets and emotions.
  • Individual speaking style and vocal optimization analysis.
  • Overcoming the demanding expectations of others.
  • Secrets of the affirmative, motivating and enriching speech.
  • Personal analysis by expert certified trainers.
Day 3 – (afternoon)
The Influential Communicator – Entertaining Etiquette

When the amazing host meets the amazing guest in a standout atmosphere, the stage is set for amazing outcomes; Many formal social exchanges and business networking sessions have rules and protocols. But besides impressing others, entertaining etiquette is also about making everyone feel good and at ease. Many nice little things we do at informal events can sometimes also add that special magic to intricate game of friendships and influence.

Learning Accomplishments:
  • Practicing entertaining etiquette with a personal touch.
  • How to be the guest or the host that people love to be with.
  • Western and oriental dining protocol; Menu Ordering
  • Handling silverware glassware, napkin, table tools.
  • Developing great conversations at the banquet table.
  • Understanding cultural expectations and diversity.
  • Thanking and other farewell courtesies.
  • Includes western, Chinese, networking lunches with the exception to a Corporate training is 2 to 3 days.
Customised Program. ranging half day to 3 days.
Target Audience: Senior Management to Officers

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Senior Management

Senior Management
Learning Accomplishments:
  • Create the presence that makes the difference and discover the essence of creative styles and appearance presentations on the road to success and significance.
  • Redevelop solid voice & body language connections with other creative communication & conversational strategies for everyday win-win rapport building.
  • Discover the distinctive leadership qualities that can move your people and how together you can all surpass your organization’s worthy goals
1 to 2 Day(s) or custmized programme.
Target Audience:
Senior Management
Average 5-15 pax

Please enquire +65 9825 1833 or online.

Team of Consultants Jill Lowe Team

Team of Consultants

Jill Lowe Team is an inspirational group of award winning trainers with over 30 years of experience working with diverse industries to bring the best out of every potential. Since 1985, Jill Lowe has run this Singapore-based brand and image company with links to Washington, London and Shanghai.