Facial Treatments

We use your most-loved Jill Lowe products in all our facial treatments. From acne clarifying and deep cleansing to whitening and nourishing recovery, we will do a thorough skin assessment before each treatment; and we do it with love. Highly effective and suitable for all skin types, that’s the hallmark of our treatments.


Anti-acne Treatment

Our powerful anti-acne treatment is designed for severely congested and acne-prone skin. Involves an extensive extraction session to clear all congested pores followed by a perfect after-treatment concocted to facilitate the skin’s natural healing process.


Anti-aging Treatment

Our ultimate age-reversing and nourishing treatment that will eradicate wrinkles, fine
lines and open pores, restoring your skin back to youth!


Pigment Removal Treatment

A powerful and effective treatment to alleviate skin problems with pigmentation.


Hydrating Treatment

A three-pronged approach of Calm, Repair and Hydrate to provide damaged skin with restorative treatment. It soothes stressed skin and stimulates repair and recovery.


Fruiticeutical Luminous Oxy-Solution (FLO) Treatment

This eco-formulation involves our Glucarno Tissue Revival Technology that regenerates your skin energy, protects your pores and nourishes your skin to attain an optimal youthful glow!

Glow Your Skin

Get a facial treatment with proven results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.