Future Readiness Programme

Secondary & Tertiary Schools

Develop the potential of the young today and get them future ready in our increasingly complex and mobile society. Equip them with positive attitude changes, dynamic personalities and great lifelong skills to socially thrive in the globalized market place. Nurture each one to become a truly distinctive lady and gentleman among tomorrow’s leadership.
This course nurtures our young boys and girls to become the gracious ladies and perfect gentlemen of the future , with standout social and business acumen , ready to face and overcome the ever diverse , challenging and competitive marketplace.

Over the past three decades , many young people who have been mentored by us in their childhood journey , have gone on to become successful mentoring leaders themselves ; many of them have built up wonderful families and some have even taken up key positions in their communities.


Who will benefit?

For children and youth who aspires to excel beyond academic capability in building their successful future.

Programme Details

Customized according to school needs or personal requirement.

Learning Accomplishments

  • Discover the importance of dressing and how it can powerfully change one “outside in” towards a great “inside out” personality.
  • Learn to dress for job interviews and discover the intricacies of formal and informal dressings for business and social events.
  • Understand the basics of the human body language and begin to master the art of linking gestures to postures and footworks’ to words.
  • Develop creative and persuasive skills to connect with people of all ages-status-& cultures, give them a great & lasting first impression, and positively influence their thinking.
  • Know how business and social etiquette works across cultures and enjoy the beauty of entertaining for pleasure and for work.
  • Understand the secrets of communication that goes towards getting you the first job and building the long-term trust and relationships that ensues.
  • Finally, hygiene matters for all leaders and health matters before wealth; Learn the great proven secrets of skin care and hygiene, diet and nutrition.

Please enquire for registration +65 9825 1833 or online.

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