Navigating the volatile business of today is about acquiring the relevant talents who possess a vision and driven by a conquering spirit to work with the team members to achieve promising results. Their abilities to captivate the investors to gain trusted partnerships and build a sustaining business is a definite asset to the company.

“We train, equip and inculcate personal talent to drive productivity and achieve worthwhile goals in the dynamic and diverse economy of today.”

The way your staff behave, be brave and be brilliant is an advantage to close business deals creatively. How your team members understand the intrinsic and the extrinsic complexity of personal characteristics to brand his or her talent to support corporate brand value is an intriguing, sensational, and achievable task

Jill Lowe and her team has been transforming talent to achieve remarkable performance in career advancement through anchoring relationships to build worthwhile returns and emerge triumphantly through every business challenge.

Our Story

Founder of the Jill Lowe International Group and image industry pioneer, Jill Lowe began her journey in 1985 when she incorporated the company Colorays Beauty Image Consultants with the focus to inspire aspiring men and women through their dynamic image and personal brand. That is how each leadership presence, the style of presenting his or her substance is certainly an influential communication tool that manifests their magnitude of power to successfully accomplish each goal with ease and trust.

As the pioneer in Asia, the ascending challenge to overcome the resistance of an employment market which prioritized hardcore competency skills over leadership relationship influencing skillsets became an opportunity for Jill Lowe to successfully grow and meet the untapped market of the growing economy.

In 1991, Jill Lowe International was established to meet the growing regional market for leadership grooming and personal branding courses. As the perfect complement to the image consulting and training programs, the Jill Lowe skincare and cosmetics brand was launched and trademarked. Today, the Jill Lowe range of skincare and cosmetics products have become a household name locally and regionally.

A highly sought-after trainer and speaker in Singapore and across Asia, she has also been invited by major MNCs, universities and government organizations as a guest speaker as well as providing training and coaching for diverse groups including top management, senior managers and executives. She has been a consistent American platinum and gold awards winner for outstanding contributions to the image industry.

Jill Lowe has made her mark as a key driving force behind the success of many individuals, corporations, and institutions who have been coached by her. The association she has with key government and top business leaders is her mark of quality in the image consulting industry.

Today, with her extensive experience in the image industry, Jill Lowe provides professional guidance and training for aspiring young image consultants to venture into the industry.