About us

Est. Since 1985

Here at Jill Lowe International, we believe in shaping you to your fullest potential & excellence.

Named after her founder, Jill Lowe, Jill Lowe Group has established a history of more than 30 years in the market. From a budding pioneer of the industry to a key influence till date, an increase of clientele has led the group to branch into different markets, yet revolving around grooming talents. Till date, Jill Lowe Group has covered a range of consultancy services, academy and training, skin care and cosmetics products and services, and e-commerce.

Through our life transformational strategies and image coaching programmes, you will be equipped with progressive communication skills, a healthy self-image and a winning presence to empower you to succeed in your personal, social and professional life.

Jill Lowe

Go Forward

Set yourself apart to “Make a Difference”

Being the PIONEER IN ASIA, we have learnt from our customers as much as they have learnt from us, to build and grow careers. And families together in contributing towards community and nation building.

We specialize in BUILDING PEOPLE for the future in the areas of image services, people profiling, visual & verbal intelligence master classes for individuals & corporate organizations.

To incorporate and reinvent timeless values of excellence, respect and finesse through image and communication strategies. To empower and transform our clients into inspirational individuals and contribute joyfully to build successful career and family life.

To brand Jill Lowe as a regional leader in image consulting and product customizing. To innovate continually in order to maintain excellence and relevance as an image specialist and branding expert.

We dedicated to making a positive influence & touching the hearts of every individual.

Our team of Consultants are certified Masters in Image Consulting and have a depth of experience in catering to your requirements.